Top 5 activities for a family vacation with children on the island of Hvar

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Top 5 activities for a family vacation with children on the island of Hvar

As a primarily sun and sea destination, the island of Hvar can surprise you with fantastic offerings for the whole family. To begin with, there are beautiful walks and hikes that you can do with your children. The island is covered in forests, and from its peaks, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Paklinski Islands, the island of Brač, Korčula, and Vis. The ideal time for hiking with kids is the Jelsa trail in April, which is divided into three stages, with the shortest one specifically tailored for the youngest hikers. The green-blue race route follows the path of the Cross Procession, a 500-year-old tradition celebrated during Easter.

Cycling With Kids

Cycling around the island of Hvar is an ideal experience for a family vacation with children. The island offers numerous cycling routes and trails, with the ones around Jelsa, Vrboska, and Stari Grad being particularly suitable for kids as they are relatively flat and away from main roads. The traditional cycling race “Biciklom kroz baštinu” (Cycling through Heritage) takes place through the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain and picturesque surrounding villages. The program and routes are specifically tailored for the youngest participants, making it a family-friendly event. If you miss the race, you can still enjoy cycling on your own by using navigation apps or choosing one of the guided cycling tours available on the island. These tours provide a structured and informative experience, allowing you to explore Hvar’s scenic routes with the assistance of experienced guides.

Treasure Hunting On Hvar – Geocaching

This is an activity that we really enjoy doing with our kids, no matter where we are. Geocaching is a fun and exciting activity that involves searching for hidden objects using a GPS device or a mobile app. Geocachers search for hidden caches, which are usually plastic containers containing a logbook where you can sign in like Indiana Jones and exchange small trinkets you find. Very often, caches are accompanied by exciting and interesting stories about the location where the cache is hidden, which can be particularly fascinating for children. I highly recommend downloading the geocaching app and exploring where the nearest caches are located. Your children will be thrilled to embark on treasure hunts and discover hidden treasures in these caches..

Driving through Batman’s tunnel

I am certain that it is an exaggeration to call our old tunnel Batman’s cave, but our children scream with joy when we drive through it and tell them the legend of the tunnel that connected people. The old one-way tunnel of Pitve-Zavala, built in the 1960s with the help of the military, was primarily constructed for water supply purposes but also for a very important reason. Prior to its construction, everything had to be carried over the hills or through the surrounding field paths from Hvar town and the top of the island, either by donkeys or on people’s backs My family often jokes about the fact that my great-grandmother Kate’s birth date is unknown because it took my great-great-grandfather time to sober up and cross over the hill to the municipality to register the birth of his daughter. The tunnel also hides an interesting secret.

Visiting animal farms, playtime with donkeys, and exploring caves on the island of Hvar

Since modern tourism has replaced old ways and agriculture has transitioned to tractors and Wi-Fi, there are not as many donkeys and domestic animals like horses and donkeys on the island anymore. However, a refreshing touch of island life is brought by Jana Appelyard, a London-born yoga instructor and donkey enthusiast. Her small donkey community in the village of Dol near Stari Grad warmly welcomes visitors of all ages and interests, but the youngest ones will be especially delighted. Donkeys Lulu, Piano, and Lily Rose, with whom children can play and take walks through nearby fields, are the sweetest beings on the island.

On the other side of the island of Hvar, in the fragrant inland village of Zastražišće, you will find the family farm “Kod Kućera” that specializes in goat farming and offers authentic homemade food. Here, you can spend an entire day playing with the animals and enjoying the shade at the family restaurant. Afterward, you can head towards the abandoned village of Humac to explore the unique Grapčeva Cave, discovered in the 1950s. The cave is rich in speleological formations and stalactites, easily accessible, and a perfect place for a family outing.

Adventure Park Hvar – fun activities for the whole family.

An adrenaline park for both children and adults is a fantastic place to have fun. The park operates almost year-round (reservation may be required at times), but it really picks up full speed starting from May. Here, you can play human foosball, bubble soccer, go karting with kids, try your hand at archery, enjoy paintball specifically designed for children, or bounce around on various inflatables. The park is located in Jelsa, nestled in the shade of a pine trees, allowing you to enjoy nature without overheating under the summer sun.

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