Secrets From The Tunnel

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Who else has a tunnel as a wine cellar?

Built during the time of Yugoslavia in 1963 for the water supply needs of the southern part of the island and the town of Hvar, an interesting tunnel was constructed connecting the villages of Pitve and Zavala. It is one-way, without lighting, and has two widenings in the middle, resembling an old cave. Many visitors hesitate the first time they pass through it, and the reaction videos on YouTube are hilarious. It is regulated by a traffic light at each entrance, making it the only traffic light on the entire island.

Before the traffic lights, traffic was managed by people on motorbikes, but only during the tourist season. Once the last visitors left the island and the traffic control team took a well-deserved break, we would manage on our own in a way – survival of the fittest. Fortunately, the widenings inside the tunnel provide some relief and space for vehicles to pass each other.

A little secret is hidden about 50 meters from the entrance of the tunnel if you’re coming from the direction of Pitve on the left side. Inside the tunnel, there were originally two water reservoirs planned, but since they are no longer needed, one of them has been converted into a small storage space for one of the finest Croatian wineries, Zlatan Otok Winery. It makes perfect sense as there is a significant temperature difference inside the tunnel, creating a naturally suitable environment.

Definitely pass through this tunnel, it is a true attraction!

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