The best way to start an adventure is where it all began

When in the city of Hvar, the best way to start your adventure is by taking a leisurely walk through the historic center and along the famous promenade. Personally, whenever I visit Hvar, which is quite often during the summer months, I always make sure to set aside some time to explore the square. I find a seat on the stone benches of the Arsenal, as they provide a welcome respite from the sun, and I enjoy the activity of people watching. It’s captivating to observe the passersby and soak in the lively atmosphere of the town.

A square you don’t want to miss

St. Stephen’s Square, with its 250m2, is the largest historic square in Dalmatia, bustling with crowds of people during the summer. The ideal time to visit the square and capture unforgettable photos in front of the beautiful cathedral of the same name, with its famous bell tower, is during the sunny golden hour – I guarantee excellent shots, but expect a lot of people. Here, you’ll also find the Arsenal, a former storage facility for ships and the first public theater, as well as the unique Loggia, which you can explore. The Arsenal often hosts exhibitions that are worth visiting if you have the time.

Where, how, and what to do

If you arrive hungry, I suggest visiting the Adriana Spa hotel, which has received high praise for its five-star breakfast and offers a stunning view of the town of Hvar. Another fantastic option for brunch is the Fig restaurant, highly recommended by my discerning friends. For your morning coffee, you can stop by Kava 47, personally endorsed by me. For a fine dining experience, there’s the restaurant Passarola, as recommended by my sister, who is known for her impossible standards. Another choice I would suggest is Paradise Garden or Mediteraneo because they have a charming atmosphere and delightful dishes, just to give you a few options. If you have a sweet tooth, the Sweet Pastry Shop is a reliable choice. I can’t resist going inside because I lack self-control, but the treats are absolutely yummy. Afterwards, make sure to visit the colorful Šoša gallery, because why not?

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