What To Do In Hvar – Explore The Fragrant Magic of Hvar.

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What To Do In Hvar – Explore The Fragrant Magic of Hvar.

Did you know that the island of Hvar has its very own botanical garden? And not just any garden, but one that will enchant you with its scents, interactive play, and ingenious combinations of true Hvar flavors. Located in the middle of the island, in a place with supernatural sunsets, you will find the Fjori Fôra botanical garden. It will take you about twenty minutes to drive from Jelsa, but in my opinion, the journey itself is a unique pleasure. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by hills resembling round green scoops of ice cream, offering breathtaking views of the Makarska Riviera. After a picturesque drive, you will arrive at the heart of the island of Hvar, the small village of Gdinj, with its unique Fjori Fôra garden. It is a true reflection of Hvar in miniature, with an abundance of wild plants that bear witness to the biodiversity of the island and the traditional diligence of its inhabitants.

Insider tip: For an added delight during your drive, I suggest renting a retro VW Beetle convertible, which will give you a true summer experience.


A stroll through a botanical oasis

On an area of 2500m2, each of the six thematic fields tells the story of plants that we have been using for centuries in our daily lives. Here, you can find edible plants, plants for making cosmetic and medicinal products, as well as plants for textile dyeing. A circular path leads through the fields, allowing you to walk at your own pace and educate yourself with informational signs placed near the plant beds.


Become a botanist for a day

It is ideal to choose a guided tour that lasts one hour. The garden is located on a plateau and is always sunny. Once the sun begins to loosen its grip and spreads a magical silence with a muted shade of orange, you will truly experience the essence of Hvar.

Guided tours are indeed special, and they often include tastings of their olive oil. You can also try fig or tangerine marmalade, which magically pairs with local cheese. They offer teas made from plants such as lavender or sage, and I should mention the fun games for children, like solving riddles in the plant beds.

Be sure to inquire about the options for your visit, as the hosts are very friendly and brilliantly organized. The detailed program of activities is best found on their social media platforms, and it usually starts from July onwards.


When is the best time to visit the Fjori Fôra garden?

The best time to visit the Fjori Fôra garden during the summer months is after 6-7pm. In the small shop, you can also purchase spices, herbal and essential oils that the Ćurin family has been handcrafting for years, in ingenious sustainable packaging. The expression “fjori fora” means “flowers of the island of Hvar,” and you can find their product store in Jelsa as well.

Insider tip: In culinary circles, Hvar’s oregano, or as we call it – “mravinac,” is renowned as the best in the world. Be sure to put it in your shopping basket.


Since there is no public lighting for miles around here, it is an ideal place to experience a romantic sunset. It is also perfect for stargazing or capturing photos of the night sky. Combine your trip with a daytime swim in Vela Stiniva. Spend the whole day at the beach enjoying excellent homemade cuisine at the Šer Zane beach restaurant.

If swimming is not an option, combine it with lunch at the family estate “Kod Kućera” or at the always interesting OPG Mateljan-Babić. These restaurants are located in Zastražišće (reservations are required). I hope you will enjoy it; this is one of our favorite “tours” on the island.

To eat, drink and have fun.

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