The best cycling routes on the island of Hvar

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The incredible trails through picturesque landscapes, vineyards, and historical landmarks of the island of Hvar.

Welcome to the island of Hvar, the most beautiful (without exaggeration) cycling destination in Croatia. There are numerous reasons to visit Hvar, but if I had to convince you, the strongest selling point would be our 2700 sunny hours per year. The best time for cycling on Hvar is from April to the first half of June, and later in September. To make it easier for you, we have created this guide to the best cycling routes that you can ride on your own, even if you are an absolute beginner. All the routes are well marked, and the terrain is suitable for all ages. To make your adventure experience unforgettable, here are the links to reliable GPS navigation that will guide you throughout the journey. If you prefer riding with a guide, I recommend NATURAL HVAR TOURS.


Insider tip: Renting electric bikes is a great idea! With electric bikes, you can cover more distance and enjoy the scenery without breaking a sweat. Hvar Island has some hilly terrain, and electric bikes provide that extra boost to make your cycling experience more enjoyable and less strenuous.

Elfs and Fairies From The Top of the Island

Length: 14 km | Duration: 2 hours | Elevation difference: 400 m


The “Priko vorha” trail is a combination of asphalt roads and gravel paths that traverses the central part of the island, mostly along the ridge from east to west. The trail starts in Jelsa on an asphalt road with minimal traffic and then turns south towards the village of Pitve. After Pitve, before the tunnel to Zavala, it continues on a gravel road and ascends through serpentine paths to a ridge at an elevation of 445 meters above sea level.

Na tom dijelu pruža se očaravajući pogled prema istočnom kraju otoka te prema Pelješcu i Makarskoj rivijeri. Vožnja dalje hrptom prema istoku do Humca je čisto uživanje i opuštanje nakon uspona po serpentinama. Here, you can decide whether to return the same way or continue further towards Humac, where the gravel road merges onto the main road and continues west towards Jelsa. In Jelsa, the trail passes along the coastal promenade to the harbor and the center of Jelsa, where it ends. If you’re looking to have a meal before heading back home, I recommend having lunch at the authentic family konoba (tavern) in Humac – you won’t regret it.

The UNESCO trails

Length: 20 km | Duration: 3 hours | Elevation gain: 600 m


The “UNESCO” trail takes you through charming villages and landscapes that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. This trail holds a special significance as it partially follows the path of the 500-year-old “Za Križen” procession, offering a unique view of nature. Početak staze je u Jelsi, dalje ide niz prelijepu šetnicu uz more prema sjeveru do Vrboske. Nakon Vrboske staza skreće na makadam kroz Starogradsko polje. Po dolasku u Stari Grad, staze skreće na jug i prolazi naselja Dol i Vrbanj. From Vrbanj, the trail continues through vineyards and olive groves towards the east, leading you to Jelsa where the trail ends. The route comprises a combination of asphalt roads and dirt paths with minimal traffic. A fantastic place to have lunch is Konoba Bogo in Vrbanj.

Hora/Ager Educational Trail

Length: 12 km | Duration: 1.5 hours | Elevation difference: 300 m

Stari Grad

This historically educational circular trail starts from Stari Grad and takes you on an unforgettable journey through the old Ager’s dirt roads. You can combine this trail with the Dračevica Spring Trail as they are very close to each other. If you’re with children, you can share the story of how the ancient Greeks planted vineyards and olive trees in the sturdy dry-stone enclosures found here, which are still cultivated to this day. The ideal spot for lunch is the konoba Hora, where you can enjoy traditional Hvar cuisine. For those who are particularly adventurous, you can also embark on a treasure hunt through the game of Geocaching.

The Spring Of Life

Length: 18 km | Duration: 2.5 hours | Elevation gain: 500 m

Vrboska, Stari Grad

Dračevica trail offers an exciting biking experience through untouched nature and rural areas between Stari Grad and Vrboska. The trail starts in Vrboska, but you can also join it from Stari Grad through Ager. The cycling trail is circular and mostly consists of dirt roads, passing through the Stari Grad Plain and surrounding villages. It turns north, crossing a bridge and canal to a dirt road that leads through olive groves and pine forest to the bays of Maslinica, Basina, and Borova, then south back to the Stari Grad Plain. Here, you will also see the important historical site of Dračevica, a surface water source that almost never runs dry and has made this land fertile for thousands of years. Before reaching Stari Grad, the trail turns east towards Vrboska, where it ends. For lunch, you can visit Restaurant Škojić or Konoba Pinjata in Vrboska!

Old Army Tunnels

Length: 24.5 km | Duration: N/A | Elevation Gain: 521 m

Stari Grad

Circular trail “Kabal” is located on the Kabal peninsula and consists of a combination of asphalt roads and gravel paths with minimal traffic. The starting point of the trail is in the center of Stari Grad, in front of the Tourist Board office. It continues further to the hidden gem of the island of Hvar – the abandoned village of Rudina. From Rudina, the trail turns onto a gravel road towards the Kabal peninsula. At that point, the trail takes the shape of a Y, which means you can choose between two headlands, but it returns the same way. At the very top of the Kabal peninsula (left fork), you will find an attraction that is not often mentioned in tourist guides – forgotten tunnels built during the time of Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito as a defense against attacks on the island.

The area is filled with beautiful secluded bays where there is no one around, and the view extends all the way to the western end of the island of Hvar and the southern part of the island of Brač. On the return journey to Stari Grad, the trail passes through the southern part of the peninsula, below the Arkada Hotel, along a seaside promenade. Prepare sandwiches, some fruit, flashlights for exploring the tunnels, and a refreshing drink, sit by the sea, and enjoy the most beautiful view in the world.

The Lavender, Oregano, and Pine Trails

Length: 20.5 km | Duration: 50 minutes | Elevation difference: 518 m

Town Hvar

The Malo Grablje cycling route is also a circular route located on the western part of the island. The starting point of the route is in the center of Hvar town, near the bus station. It follows the main road towards the east to the village of Milna, where it turns onto a gravel road that leads through the picturesque path to the abandoned eco-ethno village of Malo Grablje, all the way to the village of Velo Grablje. After Velo Grablje, the route joins an asphalt road, which further leads through the village of Brusje, offering incredibly beautiful viewpoints overlooking the island of Brač and the Paklinski Islands, all the way to the finish point in Hvar. This route combines gravel and asphalt roads but follows the old road that is no longer used for everyday traffic. A great spot for a local lunch is the Zbondini konoba in Velo Grablje.

The Magdalena Educational Green Trail

Length: 6.7 km | Duration: 40 minutes | Elevation difference: N/A

Town Hvar

Magdalena Trail is a fun and educational biking and hiking trail that takes you through the history of the island of Hvar, with views of the Renaissance summer residence of the poet Hanibal Lucić and a ride through vineyards along the coast. This is the shortest of the suggested trails and follows a gravel road. Be sure to take a break at the Gothic church of St. Magdalene, after which the trail is named. It is situated on an elevated plateau that offers breathtaking views of vineyards, the Zaraće bay, and the endless blue sea ahead. Continue along the path to reach the Katolića bay with its beautiful pebble beach. As you follow this trail through vineyards and olive groves, you will be accompanied by a variety of typical Hvar island vegetation, including rosemary, lavender, heather, and sage, which infuse the air with a special aromatic freshness. Prepare for an outdoor picnic and be sure to gather some of the herbs to take home with you.


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