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An insider’s glimpse into the best island experience

You seem to already know quite a bit about Hvar, considering you’ve reached this text. We have crystal clear sea, stunning unexplored beaches, and an incredibly rich history. But did you know about the unique combination of nature and charming villages in the island’s interior, where life moves at a slower pace? Preparing for a trip that will surely leave a lasting impression – if you carefully follow our instructions – is quite simple. Just scroll down.


How to prepare for your trip to Hvar?

Plan your arrival to the island of Hvar during the off-peak season, ideally in May, June, or September. However, you can do this at any time, even during the peak season, as it will provide you with a completely different perspective of the island. The picturesque blend of green and blue, the scents of aromatic herbs, and the winding old road that gracefully sways its hips are an ideal way to begin your journey. If you want to experience an authentic and genuine side of Hvar, consider choosing the ferry route from Drvenik to Sućuraj.

M.TOMIC // Road to Poljica

In terms of time, the distances between Split-Drvenik-Sućuraj-Stari Grad and Split-Stari Grad are almost the same. The difference lies in the road that leads us to the remote destinations on the island of Hvar. The road from Sućuraj is old, narrow, and winding, while the one near Stari Grad is new, comfortable, and wide. We have tested countless routes and always come to the same conclusion. The old Napoleon road wins precisely because it urges us to slow down, reduce our speed, roll down the windows, choose our favorite playlist, and contemplate as we drive:

Ko to more platit’?

Exploring the Island How, Where, What

The villages in the interior of the island, such as Zastražišće, Gdinj, and Bogomolje, will delight you with their small but authentic offerings of unique family households and restaurants that prepare food “in an old-fashioned way”. They exclusively use ingredients from their own cultivation, such as zucchini, eggplant, artichokes, figs, carob, chicken eggs, goat milk, and more. Excellent options for a snack break are the family farm “Kod Kućera” in Zastražišće or the Mateljan-Babić family farm.

JFRANGEN // Authentic food Hvar
JFRANGEN // Authentic food Hvar

Finest Olive Oil on the Island

In the neglected parts of the island, possibly due to the absence of electricity and running water, these places are true guardians of the island’s heritage and locations for true explorers. There are also several olive oil producers worth visiting here, and the bays that can be found below these villages are special; time seems to stand still there. This part of the Island has an enviable number of elegantly furnished vacation homes. The sweetness of doing nothing is felt here most strongly. It’s like a bullet shot into jelly – something along those lines.

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