Favourtie Kids Friendly Restaurants on Hvar

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Favourtie Kids Friendly Restaurants on Hvar

Fun with kids at restaurants on the island of Hvar can be a real adventure! To make your vacation complete and worry-free, we bring you this not-so-ordinary guide for a true family adventure that includes top-notch food, great entertainment, excursions, and learning about island life and Mediterranean culture.

Good to know!

During the peak season (July, August), you will need to make a reservation for almost all restaurants several days in advance. It is also recommended to make reservations during the pre-season and post-season, especially if you are traveling by car to any of the planned locations with hungry little ones. All the restaurants mentioned here have parking available and each offers something fun for children of all ages.

Konoba Kokot, Dol

This restaurant is rightfully at the top of our list. The family-owned tavern Kokot is located in the village of Dol, near Stari Grad. The large courtyard of the family house, covered with a canopy of green vines, has been transformed into a tavern-restaurant that is full of interesting, authentic details characteristic of the island of Hvar. Children can freely explore the surroundings of the restaurant as the traffic is almost non-existent, and the food is excellent – traditional homemade cuisine. Be sure to try the specialties made from wild boar meat, as this is one of the few restaurants on the island that prepares them. You can park at the playground in Dol or directly at the restaurant itself.


Restaurant Tamaris, Sv. Nedelja

Tamaris is a family restaurant located in the small village of Sv. Nedelja, at the southern end of the island of Hvar. Nestled on a hill above the sea, the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the open sea and is a perfect location for sunset dinners. Below the restaurant, there is a beach and a small bocce court, and the menu is quite diverse and satisfying. As the restaurant is also part of a guesthouse, you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. Children will enjoy their pizza and spaghetti dishes, while you can choose from seafood specialties or meat delicacies, with the steak being a standout option. Be sure to try their wine, it’s amazing.

Restaurant Davor, Zavala

Another hidden gem on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar is the family restaurant Davor, with a tradition spanning twenty years. This beautifully and simply decorated restaurant is located just a few meters from the main beach and offers an excellent menu. Here you will find interesting combinations of traditional homemade food with a modern twist, but in a very delicate way. One of the specialties you must try is their smoked tuna carpaccio, homemade pasta, marinated blue fish, and Pitve cake. We will never forget the pizza bread bites they used to serve, they were the best appetizer alongside olive oil. This restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, is also included in our list of the best authentic restaurants in Hvar. P.S. The parking is located behind the restaurant, through a narrow alley to the right, right next to the restaurant’s wall.


Konoba Zbondini, Velo Grablje

This family restaurant started its gastronomic story in the town of Hvar, and for the past ten years, they have been operating exclusively in the picturesque small village of Velo Grablje, near the town of Hvar. Konoba Zbondini is a place that will captivate you with its romantic and authentic Mediterranean appearance, as well as its menu that offers homemade, high-quality food enriched with spices and ingredients from the island of Hvar. One of the special specialties you must try here is the lavender cheesecake, which is unique to the island. Dogs are welcome in the restaurant, and the view of the unique Velo Grablje is unparalleled.

Insider tip: Combine your visit to Zbondini konoba with the Lavender Festival, which takes place in mid-July.


Restaurant Kod Kućera, Zastražišće

The “Kućer” is an authentic stone cottage where farmers used to seek shelter from the scorching sun and rest after working the challenging and infertile land of the island. One of the largest and original Kućers, as they are called in the village of Zastražišće, is located within this beautiful family goat farm. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and perfect for a family outing, with stunning views of the Pokrivenik bay and the expansive sea. The friendly hosts will welcome you with homemade rakija, wine, and the most delicious goat cheese sourced from their own farm Children will enjoy playing with the goats and donkeys here, while you can relax on the wooden benches under the pergola and embrace the true Dolce Hvar Niente lifestyle.

Insider tip: When planning a trip to Zastražišće, be sure to include a visit to the Lučić family farm, where the hosts will explain everything about the production of the finest essential oils in Dalmatia.

Konoba Vrisnik, Vrisnik

Vrisnik is one of the fourteen most beautiful small villages on the island. Nestled at the foot of the hills and bathed in gentle afternoon sun, the restaurant bearing the same name is a feast for the eyes. Beautifully decorated, with a large terrace and an unforgettable entrance reminiscent of an old postcard illustration, this family restaurant has been topping our lists for years. The highlight of the konoba is the large fireplace in the center, where the hosts prepare exquisite specialties such as grilled fish or peka, but it’s also worth trying their steak. The restaurant features a charming green garden for children to play in.


Restaurant Kod barba Luke, Stari Grad

Barba Luka is a beloved family gathering spot for 50 years. Proudly situated in the UNESCO-protected heritage of the ancient Stari Grad, this restaurant captivates with its authentic ambiance and a kitchen that offers a European fusion of Mediterranean dishes. You won’t be able to pass by without stopping to take a look at their menu. Their homemade olive oil, vegetables from their own garden, seafood specialties, and the fact that they are located on a small square next to Hektorović’s Tvrdalj make them a perfect location for a family lunch or dinner. Be sure to visit them for dinner, as the view from the restaurant under the palm trees overlooking the Stari Grad harbor is breathtaking.

M.TOMIC // Food on Island Hvar

Insider tip: When you’re on a gourmet visit to Stari Grad, be sure to visit the delicatessen store “Za pod Zub.” In Jelsa, be sure to try Gamulin chocolates – chocolates with the flavors of the island of Hvar.

Get ready for extraordinary flavors, a beautiful ambiance, and a pleasant atmosphere. These restaurants will provide you with an incredible experience that you won’t easily find on tourist maps. Relax, don’t worry about the little ones, make a reservation, and get ready for a culinary adventure on the island of Hvar. Your family will thank you!

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