The Pakleni Islands represent a mesmerizingly beautiful archipelago located in front of the town of Hvar.

This playful expanse of green islands immersed in crystal-clear azure sea is a place that is hard to replicate. Idyllic islets are filled with the fragrant scent of rosemary and other aromatic herbs, best experienced amidst the vibrant arboretum of the Meneghello family – a place you must visit. The largest among them, St. Klement and its neighboring Marinkovac, boast several top-notch beach bars, an ACI marina, and a multitude of small hidden beaches, sun-kissed stone terraces, and stunning deserted lagoons. In Hvar, the islands are referred to as the Pakleni Islands or Škoji. I simply call them ‘can’t stop staring’ islands.

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J.KUZMICIC // Paklinski Islands Hvar

Here, you can spend a day far away from crowded beaches, immersing yourself in the sunny tranquility of hidden coves and swimming in the crystal-clear sea. Beaches worth visiting if you’re a first-time visitor are Mlini, Palmižana, and Ždrilca. Coming to Hvar without visiting Carpe Diem Beach in Stipanska Bay would be a real miss, so be sure to set aside a day to enjoy swimming and the incredible atmosphere that prevails here. There are plenty of excellent options for beach bar hopping in Hvar, but definitely explore the Pakleni Islands. It’s challenging to define lunch recommendations here because there are countless high-quality restaurants, but our choices would be the legendary Antonio Patak and Meneghello, as well as The Fisherman House and Laganini. You can’t go wrong with any of these. It’s also worth visiting the Colago winery, the only winery on the Pakleni Islands.

CARPE DIEM BEACH // Atmosphere

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