Last night’s Nevera in Hvar

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Dream Box

For the past few weeks, there has been a temporary residence on the Hvar waterfront – a display case, in fact, a pop-up showroom with a car that attracts more attention than mere celebrities visiting the island. You surely know which car I’m talking about; it’s the Rimac Nevera, one of first cars to cross the Pelješac Bridge and the fastest electric car produced in Croatia.

What’s the story behind last night’s event that lit up the sky above Hvar?

Watching the short film displayed on screen behind the car in the transparent luxurious box, we could see the emotional story behind the creation of the Nevera, and the journey of a truly remarcable young man. Across the dark sky above Hvar town, 250 illuminated drones soared, creating a visual narrative accompanied by dramatic music, while Rimac drove his Nevera along the Hvar waterfront. He was accompanied by Michael Mack, the owner of Germany’s Europa Park. Together, they kick started a show that lasted about half an hour.

By doing this, the two companies celebrated the start of their collaboration on building the fastest roller coaster in Europe, named Voltron, which will be a part of the theme park dedicated to Croatia. The majority of the Croatian-themed area will naturally revolve around Nikola Tesla – after all, electricity was his thing. Notably, the park won’t just recreate the Croatia’s most famous landmarks. Their aim is to craft a narrative about the sensation of a perfect vacation spot, cherished by Germans for years. For this purpose, they’ve created a special 4D film taking visitors through a 360-degree story experience. The city of Hvar will hold a special place here, along with another connection between the Mack family and the island. Reportedly, the owners are also building a house on the island, in the Vitarnja district of Jelsa.

Very important collab

We couldn’t manage to get to Mate Rimac; we weren’t even able to snap a picture with him, but that was taken care of for us by the most renowned chronicler of the city of Hvar, Ivana Petrić.

The event was covered by German and Croatian media. Even the PM Andej Plenković and the Health Minister VIli Beroš made their apperance. Oh, and let’s talk about the police presence on the island! No riding a scooter without rocking a helmet yesterday. Safety first, right? The party vibes continued as the event moved to the revamped Carpe Diem Bar at riva.

You know, that legendary Hvar spot that’s been serving good times for a whopping 25 years now.

Rikardo Novak, Antonio Škarpa, Tonči Glavina

You’re probably wondering – what’s in it for me, right?

What will the citizens of Hvar gain from this collaboration, you might wonder? Apart from the destination promotion in the new section of Europa Park, Rimac Bugatti company intends to support the development of STEM-IT projects in the local high school and elementary school. The plan is to equip schools with 3D printers and the opportunity to learn from some of the finest engineers in the country. Given how many scientists, doctors, and academics this island has produced throughout history, it might be time for some young island-based STEM wizards to step up. Knowledge is power, and we saw that in all its glory last night. And as for how the story unfolds from here – well, you know where to read all about it.

Love, M.

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