Boutique Wineries Worth Exploring

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While thinking about which wineries to highlight in this category, I had to pull out a wild card.

So, I consulted with people whose experience and opinions I value, who frequently visit not only wineries on the islands but also in Croatia and around the world. Those people happen to be none other than my sister, the self-proclaimed foodie, and my dad, a tourism professional on the island since the seventh century. In fact, this is our joint list of the most special boutique wineries on the island.

The first Decanter on the island – Tonči Marijan Winery, located in Pitve

Boutique winery Tonči Marijan in Pitve looks like anything but a winery from the outside. This multiple winner of world wine awards is also the creator of the first wine on the island to be awarded a gold Decanter for the Plavac Mali variety, and you absolutely must experience his wine presentation. In the beautifully designed tasting room, you will journey through history while authentic Hvar dishes are being prepared in front of you. The enjoyment of food and wine is one of the essences of life on the island, and Tonči Marijan will showcase it perfectly. This is a place for true wine connoisseurs. Recommended by Stipe Tomić.

HVAR WINES // VIna Tonči Marijan

Guardians of Hvar’s tradition – Luviji Winery, Hvar town

Located on the slopes between the town of Hvar and Milna, the vineyards of the Bracanović family give life to exceptional organic wines under the name Luviji. Like most small wineries, they produce their wines using exclusively their own grapes. They cultivate the renowned Plavac Mali variety, which is used to create their red wines, Divjok and Rose. Their selection also includes an excellent barrel-aged wine called Pakleno, and an outstanding Prošek, a traditional dessert wine aged in century-old barrels. The absolutely stunning Pošip takes center stage in their wine cellar.


Having won numerous awards, the 2021 Pošip achieved the greatest triumph at the fourth Jelsa Summer Wine Tasting as the overall winner of the competition. If you’re unsure which wine to choose, this is the ideal bottle to start with. In the heart of the town, close to the cathedral, the Bracanović family not only has a winery but also a charming rooftop restaurant that offers guests a unique welcome. What’s on the menu? Nothing other than the authentic dish of the island – Hvar’s gregada, a true embodiment of the island’s cultural heritage. Recommended by Margarita Tomić.


The philosophy of wine and 2700 hours of sunshine in a bottle

Duboković Winery definitely holds the secure third place on our super short, special list. Ivo Duboković, a former college professor, who else but to my sister’s liking, and as people on the island say – “the one who doesn’t speak much but always philosophizes.” Perhaps it is this quality that has led him to the status of a truly top-notch boutique winemaker. The family tavern in Jelsa, which his grandfather built back in 1939, has transformed into a romantic wine cellar where Ivo personally conducts tastings and presentations of his organic wines, making the whole experience truly special. His bottles are adorned with interesting names and simple labels, allowing your imagination to roam free as you experience the wines they hold. Organic wines have a unique taste, so be sure to give them a try.


Certainly, the most famous wines are Medvid and Medvjedica, which come from the special location of the same name, located on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar. I will write to you later about that location, but be sure to reserve your visit to Duboković Winery. Recommended by Katarina Tomić.

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