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Who are we?

Our website is HVARINSIDER.COM. More information as soon as we deal with it can be found on the website.ije čim se bavimo možete pronaći na web stranici.

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Notice on the use of websites

By using the website, you confirm that you are familiar with and agree to the conditions listed below. If you do not agree with the conditions, please leave the website of the trade – HVARINSIDER.COM. ENDEM D.O.O. reserves the right to change the conditions on the HVARINSIDER.COM website at any time, without prior notice.

Remarks and objections

In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, the buyer can submit a written complaint to the seller at [email protected]. We will respond to all your remarks and objections as soon as possible.

Izvansudsko rješavanje potrošačkih sporova

In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and the Seller, a report can be submitted to the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts or a proposal for conciliation at the conciliation centers. The procedure before the courts of honor is carried out in accordance with the Rulebook on the Court of Honor at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Rulebook of the Court of Honor at the Croatian Chamber of Crafts, which stipulate that the members of the councils of these courts, in addition to independent legal experts and representatives of traders, are also consumer representatives. Conciliation before the conciliation center is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Conciliation and in accordance with the Ordinance on Conciliation of the Center for Conciliation. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Chamber of Crafts, with the consent of the minister responsible for consumer protection, will make decisions on costs in proceedings before the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Honor of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts.”

Privacy and Registration Statement

When registering, it is necessary to enter the required information (name, surname, telephone, e-mail, password…). Registration is possible only after all the necessary data have been entered into the database, and for any further use of the service, only the user name and password must be entered. The user is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered during registration. If the user has difficulties during registration or login, or if there is any change in the data entered by the user during registration, it is recommended that he update his user account as soon as possible, or notify HVARINSIDER.COM about the change to the e-mail address [email protected].

Privacy policy, protection of personal data and other information

ENDEM D.O.O. respects your right to privacy and strives to ensure the highest level of protection of your personal data. In providing our services through this site, we are obliged to act in accordance with the laws and regulations that define the protection of personal data. ENDEM D.O.O. undertakes to use the collected data, which you will submit via the website, in accordance with the purpose for which you have entrusted it to us, only with your permission. In accordance with the general regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR), the association undertakes to inform customers about the use of collected data, to regularly give customers the option of choosing the use of their data, including the option of deciding whether or not they want their name to be removed from the newsletter subscriber list or from the list of customers whose data is used for marketing purposes, i.e. for internal statistical processing. All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to perform their work. All data are stored in the Republic of Croatia. All employees of the association and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.